Chokes in service of music-making

It may seem like art and inductive parts are as far away from one another, as possible. But if one would look closer, a seemingly surprising connection can be made between a humble, small choke and the process of creating music.

Chokes can be found for example in audio amplifiers. In the high-end mainstream ones they serve the same purpose chokes usually serve in any setting – being a part of the circuit and reducing the ripple voltage. That assures amplifier’s smooth and stable work and clearer sound.

Around some do-it-yourself audiophiles’ forums however, some additional properties of chokes are being explored. It seems that the right kind of choke placed in not-so-much-right amplifier can help enhance the output sound. It can eliminate some amount hum and buzz, if they are caused by ripple voltage of course. That comes at the expense of some volume, but the sound can get much clearer. Usually a choke for that kind of job has to be between 1 and 10H.

Moreover, some curious souls claim, that apart from curing the sound, a right choker can even slightly change the sound of the amplifier all together. As that setting has many variables that have to align to make it work and the final result is difficult to diagnose either the tone is in fact different or is it just the change in sound thanks to the reduction of noise, it’s hard to be certain how measurable it really is. Although for sure it is a very interesting path to explore for those crafty ones wanting to use chokes in some more creative applications.

If you are into audio-oriented DIY topics, we can recommend this FORUM.

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