4 Coils is a global distributor of electronic components with almost 20 years of experience in the trade and production of electronic components and passive components.

We solve problems related to supply chain disruptions, so troublesome nowadays.
We are a global company, creating a platform between manufacturers and customers from around the world.

The main scope of our activities is to offer the customer shortages, emergencies, long lead times, and hard-to-find and obsolete parts.

We are a direct importer of components from Asia, the United States and Europe, thanks to which we can offer the best price for a full-fledged product.

We offer not only a wide range and exceptional speed of service, but also clarity of rules and no hidden costs. We coordinate intercontinental logistics and complicated customs regulations, so our clients do not have to waste time on this.
We chose Gdansk (POLAND) as the location of our company because it is perfectly connected to all transit routes. We use a large and dynamically developing airport, direct access to port container terminals and a courier logistics center located on the motorway network.
Thanks to operating in the European Union, we are able to offer EU standards of service, while having a selected offer from around the world.

Global distribution
For producers who are looking for an experienced representative in Europe, we enable the presentation of their assortment on the local market and professional management of orders for their goods. We are open to cooperation with both small, specialized producers and large company and wholesalers – our criterion is quality and an interesting offer..