4 Coils is a company with a global reach, creating connection between manufacturers and customers.

We have chosen Gdańsk for our operational base, because its location gives us a direct and swift access to all means of transport: an international airport, deepwater container terminal and modern transit road infrastructure with the biggest currier logistic center in the region.

Worldwide distribution

Being based in the European Union, we are always operating within the EU’s regulations and service quality standards, at the same time having a carefully selected range of goods from all over the world. We coordinate international logistics and customs regulations, so our suppliers and customers wouldn’t have to bother with them. We offer not only an exceptional speed of service, but also clear policies and lack of hidden costs.

We enable vendors and manufacturers to cooperate with a seasoned agent, well-oriented in European markets, to present their products to a whole new audience, while we professionally manage the ordering process. We are always open for a new cooperations with both small firms and wide companies alike – our requirement is quality and an interesting offer.