About us

Since 2004, we have been a global distributor and manufacturer of electronic components, solving supply chain disruption issues. We specialize in production, distribution, and services covering innovative and niche segments of the market.

Global Electronic Components Distributor

Since 2004, we have operated in accordance with European Union standards while leveraging the strategic location of Gdansk, providing direct access to ports, airports, and transit routes. This enables us to stand out with exceptionally fast shipping.


We operate with cost optimization for our customers in mind. Our goal is effective resource and process management to ensure the lowest possible expenses for our partners. We attach great importance to efficient document flow organization.

We have established ourselves as a link between European customers and manufacturers worldwide. With our global network and experience, we can effectively coordinate transactions and deliveries, guaranteeing high quality and timeliness.


With our global reach, we deliver high-quality, innovative products to customers worldwide, collaborating with trusted suppliers as well as producing directly. Our operations are based on an extensive online sales system, and our longstanding partnerships allow us to maintain trust and customer satisfaction. We are always open to new business contacts, both from manufacturers and wholesalers seeking new markets, and from customers looking for modern yet proven solutions.


We have over 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing, with a focus on specialization in inductive components. Our range includes not only a wide selection of ready-made products but also enables individual project implementations for our customers.

All elements manufactured in our facility undergo rigorous internal quality control. We operate according to a certified quality management system that meets ISO standards, ensuring the highest standard of our products.