Since 2004, we have been a global distributor and manufacturer of electronic components, solving supply chain disruption issues. We specialize in production, distribution, and services covering innovative and niche segments of the market.

We specialize in distributing products from manufacturers such as:

Microchip, STMicroelectronics, Allegro Microsystems, Vishay, Analog Devices Inc., Siliconix, Texas Instruments, Semtech, Würth Elektronik, Molex, Industrial Shields, Renesas, Infineon Technologies, Onsemi, Nexperia, NXP, Murata, Atmel, Bosh, Bourns, Delphi, DIGI, Panasonic, and many others.


We specialize in individual manufacturing orders that reflect our customers’ projects. We create samples that verify concepts and allow for customization according to specifications. We tailor all details to meet requirements, ensuring compliance with customer expectations.

We have years of experience in finding design solutions and implementing them. We leverage this experience to assist our customers in the decision-making process and project implementation. Our working methods guarantee customer satisfaction, particularly in the case of individual orders, where choosing the right solutions is key to success.

Among other offerings, we provide:

  • Semiconductors: integrated circuits, transistors, modules, diodes, triacs.
  • Passive components: resistors, capacitors, varistors.
  • Transformers: high-frequency, pulse, toroidal.
  • Inductors: toroidal, cylindrical, spool, SMD, U-frame.
  • Coils: air-core, frame, RFID.

Additionally, we also offer electronic components such as cores, frames, and accessories, as well as electrical components such as wires, fuses, and controllers.

All our products come from various manufacturers, allowing us to provide products from any manufacturer to our customers.